Jacob Medina Interior Designs (JMID)

JMID is a Houston based interior design firm. Jacob and his team focus on residential projects including new construction, home remodeling, and decorating. We have design services that are tailored to your specific needs.
Jacob Medina is known for an enduring style that blends contemporary elements with pieces from multiple eras. As a designer, he knows the importance of incorporating the client’s personality and needs in order to design spaces that feel timeless and unique. Since founding his interior design firm in 2016, Jacob has been featured multiple times in the Houston Chronicle and mentioned in Architectural Digest Magazine.
To Jacob, the details are as important as the big picture. Whether it is painting a custom art piece for the living room or choosing the proper dinnerware, he knows that every design decision matters. The end result is a space that truly feels like a home.


Jacob Medina and his team focus on providing high-level service to his clients. Our services are tailored to your project’s needs. In addition to interior design services, his team provides commissioned art pieces and custom furniture designs to make each space unique. We collaborate with architects, builders, landscape designers, organizers, and any team needed to complete your project.

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Website: jacob-medina.com